PlanetDrop: A Tiny Space Adventure

This game is truly a gem and deserves a look. It was made by a single enthusiast with no experience in the game industry, all in a few months, in his spare time. It is also FREE on Steam, which is a real treat considering it’s a full game that takes some time to master, and offers considerable challenge. Fans of sci-fi games can surely enjoy PlanetDrop and spend a fun 10 or so hours with it.

Game: PlanetDrop: A Tiny Space Adventure
Developer: Ukio
Platforms: PC
Original release: 2021
Territories: All

PlanetDrop: A Tiny Space Adventure is very impressive for a game made by a single person in his spare time for a few months. You command a ship and execute various missions in a star system, facing many enemies that you can defeat by force or evade by stealth. In some missions, your commandos will have to be dropped via shuttles and capture enemy zones.

Ship navigation in a planet’s orbit takes a little time to get used to, but the mechanics make sense and approach realism. Everything you have at your disposal has its use – various torpedoes, the energy pulse to detect mines, the decoy to lure enemy torpedoes away from your ship, there’s even “teleportation” (SF-jump) to designated points of the planet. When you run out of necessary resources, you can buy them at neutral stations. The ship models and music are nice.

The game takes around 8-10 hours to beat for a beginner, which is a good length considering the small scale of the project and the fact it is a free game. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the genre.


8.5 (with 5 as the average)

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