Video Game Music of the Week – 03-09.03.2014

Time to end this long Final Fantasy cycle, and with the game that spawned the game that started it, too. :) Final Fantasy VII, considered by many the best game of all game, marked a revolution not only in the series, but the entire RPG genre by featuring amazing (especially for its time) storytelling and breathtaking cinematics. Any further praise I say will most likely have been said already, but it’s no secret it’s one of my favourite games, too.

The soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu is likewise considered one of the best game soundtracks. I also like it very much, and it was incredibly hard to pick a song to feature here. Since I featured a few slow songs in the last weeks, I ultimately decided to pick one of my favourite fast-paced ones – “Crazy Motorcycle Chase”, which plays during Cloud and company’s escape from Midgar.

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Song: Crazy Motorcycle Chase

Final Fantasy VII – Crazy Motorcycle Chase [HQ]

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