Video Game Music of the Week – 17-23.02.2014

The first game that showed Square’s incredible writing and storytelling potential in the 90s was Final Fantasy VI. After it, some other games that easily qualify among the best of all time appeared – Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Tactics, Xenogears… VI had a really good story of a group of rebels fighting a mighty empire, some great characters like Terra, Edgar and Kefka, and an improved battle system allowing you to train characters in the skills you like, while also having unique ones per character. The biggest acknowledgement of VI’s quality is the fact that the masterpiece Final Fantasy VII borrowed a lot of the elements that made VI so good.

The soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu was once again quite good, and, as usual, I won’t give you a great song that you’re quite familiar with, like Dancing Mad or Terra’s Theme, but rather, a less popular and still really good theme, namely the gloomy Under Martial Law.

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Game: Final Fantasy VI
Song: Under Martial Law

21-Under Martial Law-FFVI OST

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