Video Game Music of the Week – 27.01-02.02.2014

Final Fantasy IV is a game with ambition, but ultimately marred by some awkward storytelling decisions. Still, for its time, it was an achievement, and a step forward for the series. But, while a decent game on its own, it’s easily among my least favourite Final Fantasy games, about on par with the woeful newest non-online, non-sequel installment, XIII. Even Final Fantasy VIII beats these two in my eyes. The soundtrack wasn’t particularly special, either, but it had a couple of songs that were quite memorable, and fortunately, one of them was heard in the very beginning of the game – the one I’ll share with you today, called “Red Wings”.

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Game: Final Fantasy IV
Song: Red Wings

Final Fantasy II (SNES) Music – Red Wings

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