Video Game Music of the Week – 13-19.01.2014

After the more futuristic VI (to some extent), VII and VIII, Final Fantasy IX saw the series finally return to the medieval setting – to its roots, so to speak. And it worked brilliantly – it was a fantastic game, one of the best in the series, and the simpler and more generic at first sight romance between Zidane and Garnet was so much sweeter and more gripping than the awkward relationship between Squall and Rinoa in the previous game.

Nobuo Uematsu created a massive soundtrack for the long game that Final Fantasy IX was. Every new location you discovered would have a very differently sounding music, with lots of varying instruments involved, contributing further to the unique feel of new places. It all amounted to over 100 songs at the end, and plenty of them really good. “You’re Not Alone!” is probably the most famous song, and for a good reason, but, like last time, I want to go with something less known. I’ve chosen the more relaxed, but still upbeat and adventurous “Ruins of Madain Sari”.

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Game: Final Fantasy IX
Song: Ruins of Madain Sari

Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack – Ruins Of Madain Sari

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