Video Game Music of the Week – 23-29.12.2013

My brother’s favourite series was easily EA Sports’ FIFA. We were both pretty huge football fans, so it was only natural we enjoyed this football simulation game. He liked it more than I did, and would get the new one every year. We often played against each other, and they were usually close matches – I knew how to make things tougher for him even in later years when I’d lost interest in the series and he was playing more often. But it was always great fun to play together… And Christmas time was almost always the period when we could play the most. I wish you all a great Christmas!

FIFA has been known for its great use of licensed music, and I don’t use music that wasn’t specifically made for games in Video Game Music of the Week. But there have been exceptions like the song today – one that was composed by Paul Oakenfold specifically for FIFA 2005. “Beautiful Goal” also features excerpts from the game’s commentary, including the titular phrase. :)

Composer: Paul Oakenfold
Game: FIFA Football 2005
Song: Beautiful Goal

Oakenfold – Beautiful Goal (from FIFA 2005)

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