Video Game Music of the Week – 30.09-06.10.2013

SNK’s The King of Fighters series has been a favourite of mine for many years now, and its music is generally really solid. And it’s a rule that, with a soundtrack of high quality, the themes that stand out are really something. I already featured a KoF theme in Video Game Music of the Week a while ago, and today it’s a theme that may even be better – Geese Howard’s theme that actually started already in the source game of him, Terry and Andy Bogard, Fatal Fury.

Fatal Fury is practically the root of King of Fighters (which was its subtitle, and the name of the tournament Geese Howard held that’s the centre of the game’s plot), and Geese is the original villain, setting the standard for SNK villains – incredibly stylish and incredibly difficult to beat. Having appeared in numerous games, there are plenty of version of his music, and the one I’ve chosen is from Fatal Fury Special.

Composers: SNK Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (SNK Sound Team)
Game: Fatal Fury Special
Song: Geese Howard’s Theme

Fatal Fury Special – Geese Howard Theme OST

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