Video Game Music of the Week – 26.08-01.09.2013

The Dreamcast was one of the most amazing video game systems to have existed… Releasing on the special date of 9.9.99, being a clear step ahead in terms of hardware of the then-competitors PlayStation and Nintendo 64, and home to unique games like the Sonic Adventures, Shenmues, Crazy Taxi, RPG hits like Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II,  and plenty of fighting games, Dreamcast was truly one-of-a-kind. Another very unique concept that made its debut on the machine was Jet Set Radio, the game that truly made graffiti cool among gamers.

Sadly, Dreamcast didn’t exist for long, and its sequel, Jet Set Radio Future, released on the new Microsoft endeavour, the Xbox. It stayed true to the original’s premise, as well as gameplay mechanics. The soundtrack was also quite unusual. And that is where this week’s song comes from, thanks to the suggestion of Firion from the Between Life and Games Forum.

Composer: Hideki Naganuma
Game: Jet Set Radio Future
Song: Fly Like a Butterfly

Jet Set Radio Future – Fly Like a Butterfly

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