Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.08.2013

Zero Wing’s intro sequence was a pioneer in internet memes… Fast forward some 7-8 years from 2000 when “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” first reached massive popularity, Portal came out, and gave us some more memes related to a malicious robot like Cats (in this case, GLaDOS). “The cake is a lie” and the ending song probably being the most famous of them. Either way, the game because a massive success and was loved by people around the world, which inevitably led to a sequel being made. Portal 2 is where this week’s game music of the week comes from, and it’s none other than the final boss fight theme, “Bombs for Throwing at You”. It was suggested by Between Life and Games Forum user desh79.

Composer: Mike Morasky
Game: Portal 2
Song: Bombs for Throwing at You

Portal 2 OST Volume 3 – Bombs for Throwing at You (Four Part Plan)

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