Video Game Music of the Week – 08-14.07.2013

Earthworm Jim was a big hit and one of the best games on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. Around the same time, another Interplay-published weird platformer was released – Boogerman. As the title suggests, your character attacked by throwing boogers on his opponents. A lot of people at the time thought that was gross, but… It was a time when games like this helped the Mega Drive maintain its cooler, in a teenager kind of way, image against the SNES. Nevermind that Boogerman was later ported on Nintendo’s console, too.

The Boogerman song for this week was suggested by Between Life and Games Forum user noken, and is called “Flatulent Swamps”. It plays during the first level of the game.

Composer: Matt Furniss
Game: Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure
Song: Flatulent Swamps

Boogerman – Flatulent Swamps [Genesis] Music

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