Video Game Music of the Week – 06-12.05.2013

As I said last time, Streets of Rage 3 is the best game in the (canon) series, and the same goes for its soundtrack. Back in the day, before I could save up enough for my own Mega Drive, I’d go to these video game clubs where you could pay to play for a certain amount of time. One day, me and my brother were playing Bare Knuckle III (the Japanese version of this game), and were on the last boss just before our prepaid time was up, when some kid just went and shut down our console… I was so angry, I grabbed him and tossed him onto the ground, as we had to wait a while until our next chance to beat this game.

But, of course, we eventually did. And the awesome twist with the multiple endings, the Japanese version-only “bonuses,” and the depth of the story solidified number 3 as my favourite in the series. For this week, I’ve chosen its boss theme to share with you.

Composer: Motohiro Kawashima
Game: Streets of Rage 3
Song: Boss

Streets of Rage 3 OST, T09: Boss

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