Video Game Music of the Week – 22-28.04.2013

Third-party support for the Mega Drive/Genesis was amazing, but SEGA’s own first-party titles were also a big factor in the console’s success and its ability to beat its amazing competitor for a long time worldwide. Beat-’em-ups were all the rage (get it?) in the 90s, and SEGA made sure to ride this wave, creating a series that would become legendary and retain its dedicated following for over a couple of decades now. The first Streets of Rage game wasn’t exactly the most polished brawler, although it did have its strong points, such as the unique super attack. But it featured some really rad music, and for this week, I’ve picked the Boss Theme from that game.

Composer: Yuzo Koshiro
Game: Streets of Rage
Song: Boss Theme

Streets of Rage – Boss Theme – Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

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  1. Firion
    Firion April 27, 2013 8:38 pm  Reply

    god I love this game, I just love how it feels, not sure if it’s the frame rate, speed of the moves in general or what but it’s perfect to me

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