Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.02.2018

We continue the arcade theme with Sunset Riders, a really fun and hectic shooter by the once best game company Konami. Sunset Riders is a game paying respect to the Western film genre. I mostly played this one on the SEGA Mega Drive back in the day, though I’ve seen it at the arcade, too. As with most games back then, the arcade version was vastly superior. The music was quite rad on both, though. Naturally, it’s the original version that I’m featuring here.

The composer, Motoaki Furukawa, also worked on Kojima’s Policenauts… Which connects the last three Video Game Music of the Week entries perfectly, as the other Policenauts composer, Koichi Namiki, worked on Super Hang-On! Awesome!

Composer: Motoaki Furukawa
Game: Sunset Riders
Song: Gunfight At The Sunset Corral

Sunset Riders – Gunfight At The Sunset Corral (Stage 1,5,8) (HD)

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