Video Game Music of the Week – 05-11.02.2018

It’s been a while, but Video Game Music of the Week is back. I intend to make it to at least 300 entries. Recently, I had the chance to play an arcade game I remember fondly from my childhood… SEGA’s Super Hang-On. Back then, I had no chance of passing even a single stage… But this time, on MAME, with the difficulty adjusted to Easy, I managed to do it (it still took me a few tries, which goes to tell you how hard they needed to make arcade games – those coins aren’t going to insert themselves).

Anyway, the game’s music is really great, I enjoyed all four driving themes greatly. It was hard to pick just one of them to feature here this week, but here it is – “Hard Road”. Interestingly, one of the composers of the last theme (from Kojima’s Policenauts), Koichi Namiki, took part in the making of this soundtrack, too. They do sound somewhat similar…

Composers: Katsuhiro Hayashi, Koichi Namiki, Shigeru Ohwada
Game: Super Hang-On
Song: Hard Road

Super Hang-On Arcade Music – Hard Road

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