Video Game Music of the Week – 29.05-04.06.2017

It’s no secret that I rarely play the newest games, but our forum regular Ertyu often does. After adding Resident Evil 7 under his “games beaten” belt alongside over 1000 others, he suggested I featured a song from it, and this song was his choice. The game just came out, and its main theme is a rather strange vocal song, apparently an adaptation of an old song from over 2 centuries ago… He took a liking to it. I didn’t really, but I’ve got to respect his choice. Maybe some of you will like it! :)

Composer: Michael A. Levine
Singer: Jordan Reyne
Game: Resident Evil 7
Song: Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Go Tell Aunt Rhody (RE7 Official Soundtrack Full Version)

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