Video Game Music of the Week – 26.09-02.10.2016

Another sword-wielding warrior is the hero of the game featured today… This time, it’s the rather unorthodox Afro Samurai – the game that Between Life and Games forum regular Ertyu has been playing recently. He was of course the person suggesting I picked a song from it this week. Afro Samurai wasn’t a bad game in itself, but the most notable thing about it was its hip hop music – mixed with Japanese themes as you can imagine, and inspired by Wu-Tang Clan legend RZA who instructed the sound team. A tune called “Blood Shed” is the one I’ve chosen to feature this time.

Composers: RZA, Howard Drossin
Singer: Agustus ThElefant
Game: Afro Samurai
Song: Blood Shed

Afro Samurai -Track6 :Blood Shed

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