Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.09.2016

2 years after Shinobi, another awesome ninja game by SEGA hit the arcades – Shadow Dancer. This time, the ninja protagonist was accompanied by a dog, which made way for interesting mechanics like using the dog to bring enemies out of cover and then quickly take them out with your trusty shurikens. It was one of my favourite games back in the good old days at the arcade… But again, I was never that good at it. I don’t think I’ve ever made it past the second stage. Man, arcade games were tough.

The soundtrack of Shadow Dancer wasn’t as rad as Shinobi’s, but there were still some nice tunes, such as the Stage 2-2 theme, which I’ve chosen for this week. Enjoy! :)

Composer: Keisuke Tsukahara
Game: Shadow Dancer
Song: Stage 2-2

Shadow Dancer Arcade Music – Stage 2-2

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