Video Game Music of the Week – 20-26.06.2016

To me, at least, RoboCop was a far cooler childhood hero than Batman. While Batman is awesome, RoboCop is in another league entirely! I loved watching cop films back when I was little, and a robotic cop kicking ass was just tremendously cool. Only when I was older could I fully appreciate the satire of the Paul Verhoeven’s original film, but RoboCop being badass? You didn’t need to have much understanding of the world to appreciate that!

Anyway, while the third film of the series wasn’t particularly well received, it also got game adaptations… Which weren’t well received, either. But that’s beside the point. The titular theme of the Mega Drive/Genesis RoboCop 3 game is pretty cool, and I’m featuring it today.

Composer: Matt Furniss
Game: RoboCop 3 (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Song: Title Theme

Robocop 3 Mega Drive Title Music

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