Video Game Music of the Week – 25.04-01.05.2016

The original series, unlike the new X darling, only had one 16-bit entry, and the next (and last for a very long while) game came out on the first PlayStation, the first of a still ongoing series of top-tier Sony systems (and also on SEGA’s Saturn). Unsurprisingly, it is the source of this week’s music. It’s actually not from Mega Man 8, but from Rockman 8: Metal Heroes, the Japanese version of the game. It’s the rad vocal opening song called “Electrical Communication”. In the North American version, this upbeat song is replaced by a much duller opening theme.

And while we’re at it, check out also this song’s amazing 8-bit remix from Rockman 8’s Famicom fan remake!

Composer: Takumi Ozawa
Game: Rockman 8: Metal Heroes
Song: Electrical Communication

Rockman 8 [OST] – Electrical Communication (Opening Theme)

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