Video Game Music of the Week – 21-27.03.2016

Mega Man 3 is a very important entry in the series, as it introduced one of the, if not the coolest character in the Mega Man universe, Proto Man, known as Blues in Japan (in contrast to the main character’s Rock). It followed the series’ tradition in every way – gameplay, fun factor, difficulty, and, of course, a rad soundtrack. Interestingly, the best theme in the game is heard as soon as you put the cartridge in and turn the system on! It’s the Mega Man 3 Title Theme, one of the best songs in all the Mega Man OSTs. I hope you like it!

Composers: Yasuaki Fujita, Harumi Fujita
Game: Mega Man 3
Song: Title Theme

Mega Man 3 (NES) Music – Title Theme

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