Video Game Music of the Week – 22-28.02.2016

For this week, I chose a classic NES theme… I am a sucker for those, to say the least. It’s from a game I have reviewed here on Between Life and Games – the first Mega Man game. It’s an overlooked entry in the series, with most people being more keen on later games, especially the second one. I think it’s the best, though, particularly due to having the most basic robot masters that make the most sense – Fire Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Elec Man, Cut Man, Guts Man (well, I’m not so sure about the last two…). Mega Man is a game I really liked playing when I was little (I knew it as “Rockman” back then), and one I never managed to beat back then because of its difficulty. With a little help from save states, I achieved that feat much later…

Since I already shared Dr. Wily’s stage theme in the review, I’ve picked my second favourite here, and that is the Fire Man stage theme.

Composer: Manami Matsumae
Game: Mega Man
Song: Fire Man Stage

Mega Man (NES) Music – Fire Man Stage

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