Video Game Music of the Week – 07-13.12.2015

I featured quite a few Captain Tsubasa songs some time ago, as Tecmo’s games based on the anime are among my favourite games of all time, and their music is quite catchy, too. One of them, “Hyuga’s Theme” from the amazing Captain Tsubasa II, even won the small contest among the first 64 songs featured in this series that I organised on GameFAQs. Today, I’m featuring another “Hyuga’s Theme”, this time from the SEGA Mega CD game, which tells the story of the whole 128-episode anime in a single game. It has voice acting, long animated cutscenes, and is generally quite advanced for its time. The gameplay is on par with the NES Captain Tsubasa II and the early SNES Captain Tsubasa III… Though it’s not nearly as challenging as them. Still, a must for fans of the series.

Composer: ?
Game: Captain Tsubasa (Mega CD)
Song: Hyuga’s Theme

Captain Tsubasa (Mega CD) – Hyuga's Theme

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