Video Game Music of the Week – 30.11-06.12.2015

This week’s song is quite interesting. It comes from one of the early Xbox 360 RPGs called Blue Dragon – a Mistwalker RPG, the company led by the legendary Hironobu Sakaguchi which was to make RPGs exclusively for Microsoft’s system, and help it find great success in Japan after the original Xbox’s failure to make an impact there… That plan didn’t work as well as Microsoft had hoped, but Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey will remain as its legacy for gamers to enjoy. This particular song is called Eternity. It’s Blue Dragon’s boss theme, and many would call it rather cheesy, but I need to point out three important things. First, it is composed by legendary Nobuo Uematsu… Second, it is sung by none other than Ian Gillan of Deep Purple fame…

And last, but not least… This week’s theme was suggested by the Between Life and Games forum’s most energetic user (by far!) – Super Sherry. She just might also be Blue Dragon’s biggest fan in the world… Sure is the only person I know that likes the game so much.

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Singer: Ian Gillan
Game: Blue Dragon
Song: Eternity

Blue Dragon – Eternity (2013/08/05)

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