Video Game Music of the Week – 02-08.11.2015

The world has been Metal Gear for two months now, and I am a bit ashamed to admit that I still haven’t beaten the game… But life can be busy with a little daughter around, and The Phantom Pain is just so much bigger than the Metal Gears we’ve been used to so far. For a first attempt at an open world game, Kojima certainly managed to achieve something amazing. While I am not incredibly keen on the relatively low focus on story this time, I have to say the mechanics surpass everything seen so far in the series. But more about the game in the inevitable review once I beat it…

The Phantom Pain has a wonderful soundtrack with lots of licensed music from the 80s… But it has original compositions, as well. One of them is the song I chose today – The Tangerine. Its relative simplicity reminds me a lot of the Metal Gear 2 OST on the MSX… But it’s, of course, much more nuanced. And certainly, wonderful to listen to when you feel like relaxing or focusing on something.

Composer: Kazuki Muraoka
Game: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Song: The Tangerine

17 – The Tangerine from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain [Music Tape 1]

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