Video Game Music of the Week – 21-27.09.2015

Solid Snake is perhaps the closest video game-originating hero to today’s choice, Batman. Both are mere humans, using the limited tools at their disposal to overcome extraordinary odds and vanquish mighty foes… Rocksteady’s take on Batman has quickly become the most beloved video game interpretation of the character and the universe as a whole, although I’d argue in favour of the NES games, too, as well as The Adventures of Batman & Robin on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

Anyway, today we have the main theme of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the first and widely considered best in Rocksteady’s series. It’s dark and spooky, fitting the world and its characters. And it was suggested by none other than the Big Boss of the Between Life and Games forum, Ertyu.

Composers: Ron Fish, Nick Arundel
Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum
Song: Main Theme

Batman: Arkham Asylum OST – Main Theme

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