Video Game Music of the Week – 14-20.09.2015

Since September 1st, the world is Metal Gear. Kojima’s likely last entry in the legendary series, The Phantom Pain… I sadly have not been able to reach the ending yet, but it will happen soon enough, and naturally you’ll be granted a review to see how the game measures on the Between Life and Games scale, compared to all the praise it’s gotten elsewhere. This week’s music does not come from The Phantom Pain, but from a much earlier entry… The first 3D entry in the series, and the one that made the series truly legendary, Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid was more or less Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake in 3D… I’d only learn this many years later, when I actually played through Solid Snake’s second adventure, which had long been Japan-exclusive. Despite Harry Gregson-Williams not being involved until the game that also brought us Raiden, Solid had a pretty good soundtrack. The song I’m featuring today is not my personal favourite, but rather that of Busted the Great, who made a second music suggestion in a row. It’s called “Enclosure”, and the character associated with it is Sniper Wolf.

Composers: KCE Japan Sound Team
Game: Metal Gear Solid
Song: Enclosure

Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack: Enclosure

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