Video Game Music of the Week – 10-16.08.2015

Do not be surprised to see this appear on a Saturday, as I’ve been having an excellent seaside holiday this week! :)

2001 saw the King of Fighters series transition to Korean developer Eolith, after SNK declared bankruptcy… And the first entry created by Eolith (still with some former SNK employees on board) was considered mediocre by most fans. One of the reasons was the lack of balance, others were Eolith’s attempts at original characters such as K9999, who was rather transparently inspired by Akira’s Tetsuo… Another of the original characters, though, Angel, is my second favourite KoF girl after Mai, so I can’t complain. :)

Anyway, today’s theme is that of Original Zero – the real Zero fought as a sub-boss, with Krizalid and a couple of other interesting strikers aiding him, after it was revealed that the Zero who was defeated at the end of KoF 2000 was merely a clone. His theme is easily the best in the game, a gem in a rather weak soundtrack for the series’ standard.

Composers: Masahiko Hataya, Kikuko Hataya
Game: The King of Fighters 2001
Song: 0

KOF'2001 – Original Zero Theme OST

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