Video Game Music of the Week – 27.07-02.08.2015

We’re back to The King of Fighters again, and this week it’s time for the Millennium Battle – the last game of the 90s for this amazing fighting game series. KoF ’99 features a new hero team, led by the asocial K’ – one of my favourite KoF characters, who would remain the series’ main hero until 2003. This time, for a little change of pace, I chose the hard rock theme of the Ikari Warriors team, fittingly titled “W.W.III”. Never been a big fan of this team or the arcade games they originate from, but the song is rad for sure. Enjoy!

Composers: SNK Sound Team
Game: The King of Fighters ’99: Millennium Battle
Song: W.W.III

KOF 99 – W.W.III (Ikari Team Theme) [OST Theme]

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