Video Game Music of the Week – 20-26.07.2015

KoF is known for its amazing girls… Mai, Athena, Yuri, Angel… There is no way fighting game girls didn’t influence the girl whose theme is featured today. If we look at her game’s genre and her fighting style, Bayonetta may be more of a female Dante, but we all know that fighting games were the first ones to portray powerful women on a massive scale (as opposed to individual cases like Samus in Metroid or Alis in Phantasy Star). The sexy witch was quick in winning over the hearts of gamers around the world – not only with her beauty, but also with her fighting style, and the overall quality of her game, something quite expected of PlatinumGames.

Ertyu from the Between Life and Games forum was the one suggesting this theme, and here it is. Enjoy!

Composers: Masami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Norihiko Hibino
Singer: Helena Noguerra
Game: Bayonetta
Song: Theme of Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny

BAYONETTA – Misterious Destiny – Angel Attack (Bayonetta Theme)

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