Video Game Music of the Week – 15-21.06.2015

In the crazy week of one of the most exciting E3s in many years, we continue with the King of Fighters streak. This week, it’s KoF ’95, and the song I chose is inevitably Omega Rugal’s theme. Rugal is the favourite KoF boss of the game’s creators, and, while his story arc ends with the ’95 entry, he’s been featured in all the “dream match” KoF games that have come out thus far. He was even playable in KoF ’98. Rugal is among my favourites, too. The theme featured today, “Guitar, Omega and Rugal”, is fittingly badass.

Composers: Masahiko Hataya (a.k.a. Papaya), Yasuo Yamate, Pearl Shibakichi, Akihiro Uchida
Game: The King of Fighters ’95
Song: Guitar, Omega and Rugal

KOF'95 – Omega Rugal Theme OST

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