Video Game Music of the Week – 08-14.06.2015

The SNK theme continues with some King of Fighters. So far, I’ve only featured one song from my favourite fighting game series, and it’s time that changed. The first game in the series forced you to pick a team, as opposed to individual fighters to form your own. Later games ditched that requirement. Anyway, the soundtrack wasn’t that great, but there were a couple of nice songs. My favourite is the Fatal Fury team’s stage song, “Napolitan Blues”. As the name suggests, it plays on the Italian stage which serves as Fatal Fury’s home.

Composers: Masahiko Hataya (a.k.a. Papaya), SNK Sound Team
Game: The King of Fighters ’94
Song: Napolitan Blues

The King Of Fighters '94 OST: Italy Stage

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