Video Game Music of the Week – 18-24.05.2015

This week’s theme comes from a game I greatly enjoyed back in 2011-2012… I have always been fascinated with Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade, and I always did better than the people I played together with (newbies like me, of course). Then, for Christmas 2011, my then girlfriend, now wife, bought me an awesome present – the PS3 Dance Dance Revolution with a dance pad! I played a lot for a few months, then naturally interest gradually dropped as time went by. But I did so many great full combos on the second difficulty, and even one perfect full combo on the lowest difficulty… Sadly, the other difficulties are insanely hard, and it’s hard to even pass a song on the third one.

The song I chose is quite fascinating. Dance Dance Revolution sports many licensed songs, but also some made in-house, composed by Naoki Maeda. One of them is quite remarkable – Until the End, a really fast dance song with opera vocals, sung by a tenor named Philip Webb. It is a very unorthodox combination, and I believe you will enjoy it. :)

Composer: Naoki Maeda
Singer: Philip Webb
Game: DanceDanceRevolution (2010)
Song: Until the End

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