Video Game Music of the Week – 11-17.05.2015

Today’s tune is from my favourite platformer on the original PlayStation, Namco’s Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. This 2.5D game offered exciting gameplay that wasn’t, and still isn’t that common, and even a touching, if fairy tale-like story. I recommend checking it out in the “PSOne Classics” section of PSN, or the more recent Wii port. The long-eared protagonist was almost Pac-Man’s successor as Namco mascot for a while…

Anyway, the game had a lukewarm OST as a whole (a joint effort of 9 (!) composers, by the way), but a few of the songs really shone. One of them is, of course, the one picked here – Eriko Imura’s “Untamed Heart”, which plays during the 6th stage.

Composer: Eriko Imura
Game: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
Song: Untamed Heart

Klonoa of the Wind – Door to Phantomile – Untamed Heart

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