Video Game Music of the Week – 04-10.05.2015

This week, the theme chosen comes from Koei (now Tecmo Koei)’s astonishing hack’n’slash series Dynasty Warriors, more specifically, the seventh iteration. Dynasty Warriors is based on Chinese history, and is known for its very liberal representations of Chinese historical figures, as well as its insanely massive battles with incredibly dumb AI that mostly just stands around and waits to be hit… The challenge comes from the fact that there are literally hundreds of them at a time, so at least some actually attack. Of course, things get a bit different if you try the higher difficulty modes.

Anyway, today’s theme is called “Entrusted Hope”, playing in the Wuzhang Plains. Enjoy!

Composer: Haruki Yamada
Game: Dynasty Warriors 7
Song: Entrusted Hope

DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 BGM – Entrusted Hope 五丈原の戦い・蜀

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