Video Game Music of the Week – 30.03-05.04.2015

After Final Fantasy Type-0, the game that has been occupying my PSP time in the last days has been the wonderful PS1 RPG Tales of Destiny – the second and one of the most beloved games in its series. Aside from the classical RPG story and fun battle system, Destiny also shines with its soundtrack. Motoi Sakuraba has appeared in this series with Valkyrie Profile and El Viento, so today makes it three.

In Valkyrie Profile, most themes were kind of mediocre, but the few that were good, were really good. It’s pretty much the same in Tales of Destiny, and one of the songs I really love is the castle theme. RPGs often have grand-sounding castle themes using the organ, and this one is no exception. But usually, those themes are also quite forgettable, while Tales of Destiny’s is wonderful and one of the best in the whole soundtrack.

Composers: Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura
Game: Tales of Destiny
Song: Solemn Castle

Tales Of Destiny Psx Music – 11 Solemn Castle

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