Video Game Music of the Week – 16-22.03.2015

For our 150th edition, I have picked a special song from a truly special game. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon brought me incredible joy with its nostalgic trip to the VHS action hits of the 80s. As a huge fan of that kind of movies, I was instantly hooked. Thus, it became only the second game I was persuaded to buy after playing its demo (first being Folklore). And I haven’t played and probably won’t ever play any games from the main Far Cry series! But Blood Dragon is truly something else, I recommend it to everyone with a passion for this golden decade for cinema.

Blood Dragon’s technopop soundtrack is also exactly in the spirit of the 80s, and is a total joy to listen to. The song I picked is called “Power Core”, and just might be the best in the whole soundtrack!

Composer: Power Glove
Game: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Song: Power Core

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon OST – Power Core

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