Video Game Music of the Week – 16-22.02.2015

Earthworm Jim, one of the favourite game series of my childhood, was featured a long time ago in Video Game Music of the Week… It casually came up in conversation today, so I’ve decided it’s time to feature music from the second game, too. And the choice is not particularly hard – the rad first level’s theme Anything But Tangerines. It’s not unusual for the best theme in a game to play in the beginning – it’s a good way to draw the player further in. And while there are other versions, the PlayStation one being quite good (do check it out!), I’ve decided to stick with the original and awesome Mega Drive/Genesis version. Enjoy!

Composer: Tommy Tallarico
Game: Earthworm Jim 2
Song: Anything But Tangerines

Earthworm Jim 2 – Anything But Tangerines [Genesis] Music

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