Video Game Music of the Week – 02-08.02.2015

While adding summaries with “Good” and “Bad” points for each of the 34 officially reviewed games by Between Life and Games so far, I paused for a bit to listen to the wonderful Terranigma song I had chosen. While the Terranigma soundtrack wasn’t absolutely amazing, there were several excellent songs, and I remembered I hadn’t featured any in Video Game Music of the Week. And that is why this week I’m giving you the theme of the stage called Zue (or, as the name stands in Japanese, “Zoo”) – the name chosen for Africa by Quintet. It certainly was even more fun to play through this level with this pleasant, upbeat tune in the background.

Composer: Miyoko Kobayashi
Game: Terranigma
Song: Zue

Terranigma Music: Zue

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