Video Game Music of the Week – 05-11.01.2015

We’ll remain on the 8-bit wavelength this week, too. There was one interesting experiment on the NES, a project with grand ambition that ultimately not only fell short, but also became notorious for its bad quality… I’m talking about Action 52, a collection of games that did not receive the Nintendo Seal of Quality (just the Action Seal of Quality Assurance), and for a good reason. If you have seen the AVGN episode about this game, you’ll know it’s 51 really crappy games and… The Cheetahmen.

The Cheetahmen, while not a game of particularly notable quality itself, either, was fascinating for its concept. It wasn’t original in any way, borrowing from 80s/90s cartoons and games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Battletoads, but it was still hilarious, and remains so today. Interestingly, despite being a crappy game, not unlike its 51 siblings on the Action 52 cartridge, The Cheetahmen featured an amazing theme – one that has been remixed many times on YouTube, and is even rumoured to have inspired Phoenix Wright music. Well, I’m sharing it with you today.

Composers: Mario Gonzalez, Javier Perez
Game: The Cheetahmen
Song: Main Theme

Action 52 – CheetahMen Theme

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