Video Game Music of the Week – 20-26.10.2014

After featuring a great Resident Evil 4 theme a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to now feature a song from another, admittedly not as popular survival-horror series… It’s Konami’s Silent Hill, and its second installment was apparently the only one Ertyu, the Between Life and Games forum user who suggested this theme, liked. It happens to be the only Silent Hill game I’ve played, and I must say its atmosphere truly made the game. The theme was psychological horror as opposed to Resident Evil that is known to mostly rely on jump scares… And in consequence Silent Hill 2 is a very memorable game, telling the bizarre story of several twisted people. And Pyramid Head still ranks pretty high for original monster design.

Anyway, Silent Hill 2 is also known for Akira Yamaoka’s amazing OST – widely considered one of the best in gaming. And the theme Ertyu suggested was the intro theme, Theme of Laura. It is a rather upbeat song, uncharacteristically of the game, but it also has a mysterious vibe that stays true to Silent Hill. Enjoy!

Composer: Akira Yamaoka
Game: Silent Hill 2
Song: Theme of Laura

Castlevania NES Music: Stalker

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