Video Game Music of the Week – 18-24.08.2014

I’ve often mentioned my love for fighting games, despite being pretty weak at them due to the lack of time and desire to invest into getting good. Other users on the Between Life and Games forum like Aramonde and Ertyu like the genre even more than I do, and it’s namely Ertyu who made the suggestion for this week’s music. Dead or Alive is his favourite fighting game series, thanks to not only the action, but also the numerous babes the game allows him to feast his eyes upon. And the theme he’s got for you today is from the latest installment, Dead or Alive 5. It’s called “Urges” and plays on the main menu.

Composer: Yojiro Yoshimatsu
Game: Dead or Alive 5
Song: Urges

Dead or Alive 5 OST – Urges

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