Video Game Music of the Week – 21-27.07.2014

Recently, Hiryu came back into the spotlight with a brand new game on contemporary consoles and PC. It’s an action platformer that features exploration, a genre many like to call “Metroidvania”, even though the NES Strider that already had this exploration as an integral part of the experience, and where the 2014 Strider mostly borrows from, came out in 1989, 5 years before Super Metroid and 8 before Castlevania: Symphony of the Night… The quality of the new Strider game shows that Double Helix, the developers (in a joint effort with Capcom’s Osaka studio), have a great appreciation for the original Strider games from back in the day…

The soundtrack pays tribute to the old classics, too. Michael John Mollo did a great job, and his awesome remix of the NES game’s Kazakh Theme is the music I’m featuring this week on Between Life and Games. Enjoy!

Composer: Harumi Fujita (original), Michael John Mollo (2014 remix)
Game: Strider (2014)
Song: Kazakh Theme

Strider (2014) OST – Kazakh Theme

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