Video Game Music of the Week – 12-18.05.2014

Wolf Team is a Japanese developer that is known mostly for the first Tales games – Phantasia, Destiny, its sequel and Eternia (wrongly dubbed “Destiny 2” in NA). Some time before that, they created some fascinating games available on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, like Granada and the one today’s music comes from, El Viento. A fun, fast-paced action game, it was one of few games at the time to feature a female protagonist.

The music composer was a guy who’d become much more famous later – Motoi Sakuraba, the main Tales series composer, who’s also worked on Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, among many others. In fact, we’ve already featured a song of his as Video Game Music of the Week – Valkyrie Profile OST’s Blameless Thoughts. And the song chosen today plays in the 8th stage of El Viento. It was suggested by Between Life and Games Forum’s Firion!

Composer: Motoi Sakuraba
Game: El Viento
Song: Stage 8

El Viento – Stage 8 [Genesis] Music

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