Video Game Music of the Week – 28.04-04.05.2014

Aramonde from the Between Life and Games forum is the man who suggested this week’s music, and it’s the main theme from the first installment of Rare’s fighting game series Killer Instinct. The series started as something clearly inspired by Mortal Kombat, disappeared for quite a while, and made a much-anticipated return recently on the Xbox One, albeit to mixed reactions, mostly due to it being a micro-transactional mess, with a free version that has just one playable character, the other ones becoming available if you pay a fee.

But today’s song has got nothing to do with that, it’s from the 1994 arcade game, is quite rocky, and is called “The Instinct”. Enjoy!

Composers: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate
Game: Killer Instinct
Song: The Instinct

Classic VGM 184: Killer Instinct – The Instinct (Main Theme)

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