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    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:26)
    Oh and, uhh, don’t let klemoib find out I just said that.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:35)
    What ever go make videos your never going anywhere anyways
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:38)
    Yeah I know I’m never going anywhere. That’s why I go make reviews. And it’s why I read manga and post comics and memes and put peanut butter in my oatmeal and play Pokemon Shield on Switch.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:38)
    I do all these things because I’m not going anywhere anyways.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:38)
    I could make videos too if I feel like doing that but I don’t.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:39)
    Although I do sometimes upload screenshots to Twitter which is almost the same. I have a few videos there as well.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:40)
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:41)
    And here is a video I made from Assassin’s Creed III.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:43)
    What’s your channel name anyways
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:44)
    Here’s a video I made from Super Mario 3D World.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:46)
    And here’s a video of my character that I made in the God Eater 3 demo. She’s really good looking.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 22:57)
    That’s Twitter I’m talking about youtube
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:32)
    Then take down your channel on YouTube your not going anywhere anyways with it
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:33)
    Why you even make one if your not posting videos on it anyways
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:47)
    Well why does it bother you if I leave my channel up. It’s not getting in your way.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:48)
    You will probably never see my channel unless I show it to you here.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:49)
    If I started making videos I might get more subscribers than you, I don’t think that’s what you want now is it.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:50)
    Although you do have a lot of subscribers so it would take a while for me to catch up to you.
    (Saturday, Jun 12. 2021 23:57)
    Lol Mario Rabbids 2 was just announced
    (Sunday, Jun 13. 2021 00:00)
    What ever do what ever you want your not going anywhere anyways

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