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    (Saturday, Dec 4. 2021 19:52)
    I have relayed your message. :)
    (Saturday, Dec 4. 2021 19:58)
    “what ever kirby is dum pink ball” is what they said.
    (Saturday, Dec 4. 2021 23:08)
    “Where’s the link”
    (Sunday, Dec 5. 2021 21:27)
    No I haven’t made it up yet
    (Sunday, Dec 5. 2021 21:32)
    Tell them what ever to Bernini banner gamefaqs I rather be on youtube anyways
    (Sunday, Dec 5. 2021 21:33)
    Being banned
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 04:02)
    I haven’t posted it yet
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 04:27)
    Lol lions actually won a football game today vs Vikings
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 18:19)
    It’s being banned you typed it wrong
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 18:22)
    Fixed it. :)
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 18:48)
    Tell them I’m going to do a video of me killing Kirby in smash bros brawl case what ever he dumb pink ball
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 19:24)
    Tell them never I’m never coming back to gamefags I belong to youtube now case soon I’m going to have the most popular youtube channel in the world and also tell great paul he’s youtube channel is pethice case you quit posting videos I’m still posting videos on my channel for 2023
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 19:25)
    I mean 2022
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 19:28)
    Further more I can’t make anymore accounts so I can’t come back to gamefags anyways thanks to black scare banning my only account plus why do you want me to come back anyways
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 22:28)
    Why do you want me come back to board 8 anyways
    (Monday, Dec 6. 2021 22:31)
    Unlike some people on youtube they stoped posting videos I all ready have videos made up for 2022
    (Tuesday, Dec 7. 2021 03:16)
    Tell them soon the Ewwl well over take the wwe
    (Tuesday, Dec 7. 2021 06:19)
    Go make videos great Paul go make videos case your never going anywhere anyways
    (Tuesday, Dec 7. 2021 19:39)
    I’m watching resident evil movies all 6 of them
    (Wednesday, Dec 8. 2021 05:01)
    He vlado go make videos

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