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What are you currently playing?by: ertyu1978October 20, 2022, 02:53
Last game you beatby: ertyu1978October 20, 2022, 02:51
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    (Sunday, Jan 15. 2023 05:34)
    Go chargers beat them jags
    (Sunday, Jan 15. 2023 06:39)
    Fuck you chargers jags won the game 31-30
    (Tuesday, Jan 17. 2023 04:38)
    Ok that dose it I’m routine for the chiefs to beat the jags how dare they cost my team titans a playoff spot
    (Wednesday, Feb 15. 2023 22:47)
    He Vlado I just marvel ultimate alliance 3
    (Saturday, Feb 18. 2023 01:39)
    It still says read only what gives I want to post on the boards now for my character battle
    (Thursday, Feb 23. 2023 04:52)
    Ok I got new game it’s some kingdom hearts game
    (Thursday, Feb 23. 2023 04:53)
    Why dose my new game faqs account at level 1 read only I want to post my contest now
    (Wednesday, Mar 1. 2023 21:26)
    I’m playing this kingdom hearts game on my switch it’s been pretty hard thow
    (Sunday, Mar 5. 2023 00:52)
    I’m stilll at level 1 why
    (Tuesday, Mar 7. 2023 02:46)
    Titans want to get rid of Derrick Henery if they do this I’m done likening them as my favorite team I’ll go be a fan of the dolphins if this happens case there making a big stupid mistake if they trade him or tanahill off
    (Tuesday, Mar 7. 2023 23:06)
    Ok I beat teenage mutant ninja turtles shredder revenage
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:31)
    I didn’t like Wwe 2k23 case the story mode of the game stinks god thang I was only renting the game instead of wasting ‘money to buy the game
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:43)
    I’m going to guess gamefaqs dose not want me to come back to the boards which why my new account at level 1 read only ow well it’s there lost I want to do character battle so badly I miss being on the board 8 anyway I mean All I’ve doing is watching you tube videos play games or just watch tv
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:47)
    I’m thinking about quitting making YouTube videos for my channel I mean I m have to if I run out of ideas for the videos on my channels which I told Kandasa kid a long time ago was going to happen when he said I really hope I keep making videos
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:49)
    I hope the devils do well in the playoffs this year I’m hoping they win another Stanley cup thow if not it’s ok case I’m glad they made the playoffs compared to last year when they finished in last place shows a big improvement over last year
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:50)
    I’ve going to some wwe pro shows here there pretty cool
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:51)
    I’m thinking about seeing the new Mario bros movie
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 01:52)
    And I can’t wait for opening day in baseball hope the Braves do well this year
    (Monday, Mar 27. 2023 02:14)
    Plus I hope the titans don’t get rid of Derrick Henry it would be a big mistake if they do get rid of him
    (Saturday, Apr 1. 2023 05:09)
    I can’t wait for the wreslemaina tomorrow night

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