Video Game Music of the Week – 17-23.03.2014

My amazing friend Ivaylo is a big fan of Sisters of Mercy and video games, among other things. When we met yesterday, he showed me this wonderful piece of video game music that he’d come across while reading a Sisters of Mercy fan forum – it was suggested to be strangely similar to their music. It was the soundtrack of the old Commodore 64 beat-’em-up Knuckle Busters, composed by Rob Hubbard. After listening to it, I could see a slight resemblance to Sisters, but, most importantly, I just couldn’t help featuring it on Between Life and Games. And, since it was a continuous track of almost 17 minutes with several different tracks, I just cut out the part (track) that I enjoyed the most. :)

Composer: Rob Hubbard
Game: Knuckle Busters
Song: Track 2

Rob Hubbard – Knuckle Busters – Track 2

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