Video Game Music of the Week – 09-15.12.2013

Sega CD was one of the most fascinating consoles (okay, console add-ons) of its time. Using CDs when carts were the norm, it could offer so much more thanks to that extra space. Most Sega CD games failed to take good advantage of the technology, but there were wonders like the Lunars, Snatcher, Sonic CD… Another very notable thing about the Sega CD, which, at least in that aspect, set it head and shoulders above the others at the time, was the high quality music the CD medium allowed. And this week’s theme is exactly one of those great Sega CD tunes – the song Bosque from Hudson Soft’s game Lords of Thunder. It was suggested by Between Life and Games forum user Aramonde.

Composer: Satoshi Miyashita
Game: Lords of Thunder (Sega CD)
Song: Bosque

Lords of Thunder music – Sega CD – Bosque

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