Video Game Music of the Week – 02-08.12.2013

Another game me and my brother really loved when we were little was the NES version of Dick Tracy. Being a detective was great fun, and I’d even drawn a map of the city, taking notes on where all the clues were separately. Back in the day, with my limited English knowledge at the time, I usually found clues by trial and error rather than actually reading what hints the previous clue and interrogating criminals would give me, but it was still awesome. The game was pretty difficult, too, and beating it was a major achievement. I remember being very happy about it. The bashing Dick Tracy got in an old AVGN episode was quite undeserved.

The music in the game wasn’t particularly special, but the tune playing during the sidescrolling stages, when you’re looking for a clue, or to interrogate or arrest a criminal, was quite memorable. Therefore, I am sharing it with you today.

Composers: George Sanger, David Hayes
Game: Dick Tracy (NES)
Song: Building

Dick Tracy (NES) – Building


  1. Firion
    Firion December 5, 2013 5:39 am  Reply

    Actually as far as the AVGN thing goes I think this is one of the few games where hes said its not all bad, just has frustrating design choices

    Thats pretty impressive that you managed to beat it without really being able to read english.

    Id try it out but its hard for me to go back to 8 bit other than the big hits like mario or zelda

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